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It's a set up. But who is setting up who?

The story of a Harley, a girl and a guy hired to find her... or is it?

Queen of Hearts

This 2012 short film was produced for the Harley Davidson Film Festival. Shot by award winning cinematographer Ron Croft at the Cricketer's Arms Hotel in Prospect, west of Sydney the whole production took less than 5 weeks from script to screen.

Waste of Space

A young man searches for a reason to live

but discovers that fate doesn't always play by your rules.

Shot in 2005 on a Mini DV handy-cam with a bunch of mates in Hobart and Sydney, this no budget, no crew and virtually no gear short film was a finalist in the 2010 Merryland’s Council Film Festival. The film was made as a teaser for a feature version that is still in the works.

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