Here's a few samples of screenplays I've written over the years including a spec script for an episode of Star Trek: Voyager titled "Doppleganger".

The Bunyip

A rogue crocodile is killing people from a small out-back Australian town but a few locals believe they were victims of something else, something unnatural, something far more sinister. Dreamtime is about to become a NIGHTMARE!

Sample from the feature screenplay

Queen of Hearts

It's a set up!

But who is setting up who?

The story of a Harley, a girl and a guy hired to find her... or is it?







Short Film Screenplay

Waste of Space

A young man searches for a reason to live but discovers that fate doesn't always play by your rules.









Short Film Screenplay

Star Trek: Voyager

The starship Voyager responds to a distress beacon. After investigating an abandoned ship the away team begins to act strange. No one is who they seem to be and no one can be trusted. 



Spec Script